Dedicated to drive our industry forward in global market, we have been manufacturing the fibre glass products to stand up to the expectations of our respected client base worldwide. Anticipating the unique requirements and delivering an excellent product to provide the perfect solutions to our clients and enable us to stay ahead of our competitors. Our products find extensive usage across various industries: refrigerator compressor motors, automobile industry, domestic appliances, utility industry, electronic and computer making industries. We deal into a huge range of products that includes:

Fibre Glass Epoxy Sheet

We manufacture fibre glass epoxy sheets that are highly effective and reliable in usage. There are two forms of epoxy sheet:

  • Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheets as per nema FR-4 Grade
  • Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheets as per IS:10192, EP-III Grade

These sheets posses as extra of anti –fire besides the properties EP-III posses. These sheets are made of electrical alkali-free glass cloth impregnated with epoxy resin by processing under pressure and heat. Our fibre glass epoxy sheets have high mechanical properties at medium humidity and good dielectric stability at high humidity. They are applied to the mechanical lines, electron lines and electrical appliance lines.